S.S. Fawkes - CF-142AC
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Yu are not me

Posted on Monday April 5th, 2021 @ 14:11 hours by Thaddeus Yu Dr

Mission: Safe Passage
Location: Distant outpost
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The bar was crowded, hot, and loud. People pressed in against each other, it was hard to hear the person next to you and only one voice could be heard over all of them. The local team had won and most of the patrons were in high spirits. Some not so high, and the rivals were mixing their drinks and their ideas of fun and trouble.

His laughter echoed across the bar making more than one patron turn their heads. It was a rich laugh that held nothing back, a laugh from a strong voice, a Klingon voice.

Thaddeus slapped Malcolm on the back as laughed again. It had taken a year but the locals had finally started to accept him. If all things went well he would even be delivering his first non-Klingon baby in two months. Apparently it was a lot easier, and you usually didn’t have to watch for knives.

There were still, of course, those who had trouble with a Klingon, or even a half Klingon, in the community, and even more so when other people showed up from outside the borders. There had been a lot of refugees establishing new homes after the war and it wasn’t only the Dominion they held a grudge against. One of those elements had been, and was still, the local law enforcement. Who couldn’t believe there was such a thing as a Klingon doctor. Everyone knew that Klingons only warriors, or maybe spies… It had been a risk leaving the last ship he had worked on for this small outpost but Thaddeus had stuck to his guns and he was starting to see it pay off.

The blood wine tasted like watered down Ferengi slop, but still Thaddeus was in a good mood and determined to enjoy it. The jovial feeling of the people around him helped, and he was thinking maybe it was possible for him to settle down permanently. His nickname hadn’t made it this far out which made life here easier. He was even starting to have a few regular patients, and his current assistant had lasted a month longer than the predecessor. This place could actually be home.

The notion was smashed by the bottle that shattered over his head. Thaddeus’ chin hit the bar and he started to slide down to the floor. Rough hands grabbed him and hauled him up.

The motion was enough to snap Thaddeus out of it and for him to retaliate. His boot came up…

There were three of them, and they put up a fair fight for being drunk and unfocused. At the end of the fight, Thaddeus was standing breathing heavily and sweating. It had been a while since he had used those skills. Surely his estranged father would be proud of that at least.

“Please get me a doctor…” moaned one of his attackers.

He looked down at the drunk with no pity in his eyes. He'd known excately what he had done to the man and by all his upbringing the guy had completely deserved it. Not to mention should be grateful he was able to still talk. “I am the doctor,” Thaddeus growled.

“What happened to do no harm?” said the Human eyes wide in pain and shock.

“I’m not a Human doctor,” Thaddeus replied with a sneer.


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