S.S. Fawkes - CF-142AC
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Interrogation techniques

Posted on Tuesday May 5th, 2020 @ 00:34 hours by Mayterial Droz & T'maekh Hwaerianh

Mission: Safe Passage
Location: Cargo bay 1, Deck 3, S.S. Fawkes
Timeline: Slight backpost, before 'creating a Romulan Neutral Zone"

"You know, some people might be a little apprehensive of taking a Romulan on board during these trying times for the Empire." Mayterial knew, of course, that officially there was no more Empire. The Free State had taken that place, together with the Republic giving them a run for their money, "Were you from Romulus? You know. Before the whole freak supernova thing?" Mayterial crossed her arms and looked at the new Boatswain that Greg had brought aboard. She trusted his judgement, but if there was a Rommie on board she couldn't waste an opportunity to have a little heart to heart with them.

T'maekh was on his way towards engineering, taking in a slow, sweeping inspection of the ship. He stopped and turned slowly, hands by his side. He pushed back a strand of black hair and gave the woman addressing him confidently a nod of agreement.

"I think most people were apprehensive about taking a Romulan on board even before the incident," he moved a couple of steps closer, closing the distance. Human in appearance, pinkish skin, round ears but... ah, dark eyes... that narrowed it down to a few possibles... Instinctively he attempted to marshal what little resistance he could to telepathic intrusion, but outwardly he gave a light smile.

"We never made it easy for aliens to get along with us, at the best of times. We were the Galaxy's grouchy elderly neighbour. Keep off the Neutral Zone signs and all," he said deliberately lightly. "I'm T'maekh, the new Boats," he added, including the shortened version of his title.

Mayterial extended her hand, "Mayterial," she waited a moment to let that sink in, knowing her name must be familiar to him, she was going to be signing his paychecks after all, "have you gotten time to get familiar with the ship yet?"

T'maekh studied the outstretched hand, then mimicked the gesture, standing about six feet away, her right, his left-hand held in the air in front of him, "Captain," he acknowledged, tilting his head, "I was just on the first leg of my inspection tour. Hoping to visit your Engineer and rack up an exceptionally long list of things to berate the deckhands about along the way." He held the hand awkwardly out, seemingly unsure of how long he would have to do this.

May stepped in and grabbed his hand, giving it a firm shake, so definitely hadn't been in the Federation for long, "I can forward you some things, if you're ever running out of suggestions." T'maekh's eyes widened hugely as an alien grabbed his outstretched hand. He fought the urge to withdraw and instead resolved his expression down from startled to vaguely puzzled. The Federation touched people... strangers... I could have anything on me, a dagger, a disrupter. It's that whole open trust thing they do, he forced the thoughts away, in case she was listening in.

She wondered if she should gently probe his surface thoughts now that there was skin to skin contact, but decided against it. She let go of the hand and looked around the corridor, "I'll walk you to engineering." She motioned for him to follow her.

T'maekh stepped in pace just behind the Captain and tapped his wrist-com a couple of times, "of course I'll address anything you've seen and need tightened if you let me have it. I'll report most things to First Mate Alein, but if there's something you want to see dealt with personally, we could sub-classify those reports, just for you." T'maekh paused, as if considering his thoughts, "is First Mate Alein's wish to maintain a friendly crew environment compatible with your ... management style?"

"I believe that a happy crew is a productive crew," Mayterial definitely agreed on the friendly crew environment, "I'll let you know what I'd like to keep appraised of." She wasn't so much interested in business talk right now, though, "So what brings you to this side of Fed space?"

T'maekh considered the Captain's request silently, made a note on his wrist device, then answered, "I've just finished a stint as Pilot's mate on the Lucky Selthound. The Captain spent a lot of time chasing riches in battlefield salvage. I think I've done enough tomb raiding for a while and luckily the Fawkes bulletin was posted same time the Selthound was docked. How long have you been Captain of the Fawkes?" He tried to sound light and conversational.

"'93" May had to admire his ability to deflect her questions and return the spotlight on her in a very organic fashion, "so a couple of years now," She'd have to run a background check on this man, make sure he was to be trusted, "have had a lot of people come and go, you know how it is in the civvie sector, something better comes along or they have personal issues." She took a moment to let that mention sink in, "no personal issues I should be worried about?"

"I've only known the civilian sector, working hard for a humble living," T'maekh asserted gently. He then took a deep breath and endeavored to keep his voice flat, sincere and without emotion. There was, however, the slightest tremble as he spoke, "my people's homeworld was consumed by an unexplained supernova," T'maekh stated, "after that the scale of personal issues changes somewhat. I'm sure you can understand if I want to distance myself from a past like that, Captain?"

"We all have pasts we want to distance ourselves from, Mister Hwaerianh, I just need to make sure those pasts don't get into a D'Deridex and blow us out of a shipping lane," Mayterial felt that this moment was the right one to jump to the question she actually wanted to ask. It was always difficult to tell how much of the emotions were genuine, especially with Romulans, but if they were even slightly based in reality it was as good a moment as any to pounce.

"T'maekh is fine," he said, seemingly wincing at the mangling of his name, "you posit an interesting theory Captain, but it is of course, complete nonsense." He paused, then smiled gently, "The D'Deridex class is extraordinarily outdated and far too cumbersome for any kind of mission outside the Free State or Republic territories. It's just unheard of. However, should such an extraordinary taskforce be sent after the Fawkes, I'm sure you'd be the first to hear about it."

Mayterial shook her head a bit, why did Romulans and Vulcans all have to be so extraordinarily irritating. Both in their own unique ways, but both very much irritating, "That's good to know. If you need anything from me, please don't hesitate to let me know." She stopped short of the Engineering bay, "I think you'll find our Engineer right here," a devious smile, "good luck."

"Thank you, Captain," he paused, the head shake had not gone un-noticed, maybe some damage control was needed? "Captain, have you known many Romulans, in your career? We are born into secrets, we create layers upon layers of mis-information and caution like an armour. However, no amount of lying was sufficient to shield the homeworld. It wouldn't be any use for me to say something like: 'believe me when I say...' I for one wouldn't believe it. But you have nothing to fear from me, Captain. I have no wish to endanger the very ship I am travelling on. In fact, I intend to improve your efficiency rating before this first trip is complete. We make our own luck, Captain Mayterial."

"We don't stand on ceremony here, Mister Hwaerianh," May remarked, "but surely you've noticed the black orbs in my eye sockets. On Betazed we are very open," a small smirk, "some of my people to a fault." She stepped away from the man and left hanging where on the spectrum she fell.

T'maekh shook his head, surprised as ever at the naivete of other species in this galaxy, "thank you for the escort, Captain," he stepped through into the engineering compartment.


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