S.S. Fawkes - CF-142AC
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Rrromantic Dinnerrr - Part 2

Posted on Sunday February 14th, 2021 @ 04:13 hours by Kala Marika & M'erah

Mission: Safe Passage
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M'erah was thankful for the fur on his cheeks, he was burning up underneath them. His ears flicked back and forth and had his tail had free reign it would join them, "Well, downside to poking mrr'vt's is that..." He leaned in a bit, having his head a couple of centimeters from hers, "you might get stung."

"That is a risk," Kala remarked, looking into his eyes, "I am willing to take," she said as she closed the gap between them, kissing him, her free hand going to stroke his cheek.

And now...

M'erah got lost in the kiss, the purr in his chest intensified and with closed eyes he sunk into the sensation. It had been a long time since he had been romantically involved with a woman and it was weird that it was someone that smelled so... clean and flowery. It wasn't that Caitians were dirty or sweaty, not at all, but the pheromones, the foreign smells, it was a big part of their mating rituals, he pulled back and smiled a toothy grin at her, "I love how your nose wrinkles."

The kiss was everything she'd expected it would be, his soft fur pressed to her cheek, his whisker's tickling her face as they twitched, the pleasant if a little musky smell of his fur in her nostrils, the taste of his lips on hers, a taste she couldn't describe but liked. She knew he'd pickup on her scents, had made sure she'd showered, that she smelled delicate and beautiful, Caits were, after all, more attuned to that. When the kiss broke, and the two parted lips, Kala grinned a little at M'erah's compliment, "I love how your whisker's tickle my cheek," she remarked softly. As she spoke, her hand gently stroked his cheek and the side of his face. "I think you should kiss me again," she said, "stir up that nest a little."

She didn't have to ask him twice to kiss her again, he had really liked it the first time and figured it would only get better. Leaning in again he wrapped an arm around the Bajoran woman's waist to pull her closer, he wanted to feel her close to him. Feel her heartbeat. His eyes closed, the only thing existing in that moment was the kiss, the woman he was kissing, the thrill of a new romance.

After several minutes that felt like they might've well been hours he pulled back slightly, he didn't quite know what to do or say, flustered by the whole experience, "I don't want to be going too fast," He wasn't sure why he felt the need to say that, perhaps it was the primal lust that was stirring up inside of him, or the fact that they were still not in the privacy of their own quarters as this was unfolding, "please tell me if this is going too fast forrr you."

Kala looked into his eyes, a twinkle in them, taking a second to respond. "I'll let you know if we're going to fast." She said softly, gently stroking his cheek. "It's a considerate man who worries about such things." Leaning back in close, she kissed him. It was a considerate man who concerned himself with such things, especially in the heat of the moment. And she knew Caits were among the most passionate species in the Federation.

When she broke the kiss, the same lust he was feeling building in her, Kala paused, her voice low. "Perhaps it best we move to my quarters, little more private, we can go a little faster, see where tonight takes us."

Most of the other members of the Federation were not as open about things concerning love and lust, Caitians were different and M'erah had always been careful not to come on too strongly, but it was obvious that Kala was very open to this. He had heard about Bajorans being more passionate than most, it seemed that their addition to the UFP had been a very welcome one, "Surrre" he said with a crooked, toothy, grin.

Bajorans were a passionate people, and while they channeled much of that passion through their religious beliefs, women like Kala who turned from the Bajoran faith in the prophets, found other outlets for that passion. Kala had turned to the arts and sciences as an outlet for that passion, but she also found release in her relationships, and in Caits found a kindred spirit, a species that lived life passionately, in all aspects of life. "C'Mon," she said. Standing, she took his hand, giving him a peck on the cheek. "My quarters are private, no bunkmates."

"Now therrre's an offerrr I can't rrrefuse," M'erah wasted no time getting to his feet, leaving their picnic behind for someone else to worry about later. He knew the engineer's quarters weren't far away from the core. Whomever the engineer was, they needed to be nearby when shit hit the fan during the night cycle. Same with the ship's physician. Him and the other deck hands were all squared away in far away nooks and crannies, out of the way, taking up as little space as possible.

"Didn't think you would," Kala purred a little, taking his hand as they headed into the hallway. While quarters should've been on Deck two with the rest of the titled quarters, Kala's quarters had been placed near the main engineering space on Deck Four, a predecessor had converted a largish engineering storage locker into makeshift quarters. This time of day the engineering space was empty, but they both desired privacy this evening.

The walk to her quarters was short, less then 50ft if that, and the twinkle in the eyes of the two soon to be lovers didn't diminsh in the slightest, if anything it made it all the more intense, the anticipation building. Once they'd entered her quarters, Kala keying the lock behind them, she turned to M'Erah, smiling up at the man. "Now we're alone."

"Finally," M'erah smiled and wrapped his arms around her, leaning back to look in her eyes he added, "though I do miss the purrr of the warrrp corrre," he pulled her closer to give her a kiss, "I guess I should just make you purrr then."

Kala stood up on tip toes to reach M'erah for the kiss, leaning in, pressing against her (soon to be) lover. "The core has a nice purr to it M'erah, but I prefer the warmth and caress of a man like you." She pulled free after the kiss, taking his hand in her's pulling her deeper into the room. "I think tonight loverr, there will be more then just purrs heard in here, it has been long, perhaps too long, and I am safe," Kala told him.

M'erah picked up the small Bajoran engineer and threw her on the bed before pulling his shirt over his head, "let's see how dangerrrous we can make you" he gave a low predatory growl as he approached her, this was going to be fun.



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