S.S. Fawkes - CF-142AC
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Medical Conference

Posted on Wednesday May 19th, 2021 @ 14:33 hours by Mayterial Droz & Thaddeus Yu Dr

Mission: Safe Passage
Location: Medical Conference, Betazed
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Mayterial had a dire need for a new medical professional, one that would preferably not haggle over the costs of life saving surgery. Having a Ferengi doctor on board didn't really sit well with most of the crew. Lesson learned, time to move on to the next one. Not a better place to be than at a medical conference for that sort of stuff. There were plenty of Starfleet lifers, but also some civilian doctors, and there had to be a couple that weren't currently affiliated with any particular organisation or hospital. She had made an effort to dress up, a neat blazer over a crisp white blouse, with a neat pinstripe that repeated on her pants. A shiny pair of heels finished the look.

She knew that first impressions were important, more than most people, and she knew how to make herself fit in with crowds that were more intelligent than her. Her hair was in an intricate braid, but still a rebel lock of hair danced in front of her face. It annoyed her but not enough to do something permanent about it. She kept brushing it aside every once in a while as she made her way to the open bar. Best thing about medical conferences. Open bars. "Saurian Brandy, neat." She ordered without any room for pleasantries and without any room for wondering who was in control of this particular interaction.

Thaddeus sulked at the bar, the conference was a bust. It was the same old news presented in a new way. The workshop on regeneration was still at least a decade away from any practical applications, and to top it all off he still had no way off the planet. The little adventure that brought him here had left him with only the clothes on his back. A positive was that at least the food here was free. The bar was not.

It didn't matter anyway, he'd hadn't found a decent drink on this side of the border. So he just sat there staring at the row of alcohol or pretend alcohol in front of him. It was another hour before the next lecture, so there was little else to do. He had tried to make some contacts but most people took one look at his forehead ridges and moved quickly in another direction.

"What's your poison?" Mayterial knew a fish out of water when she saw one and the man standing on the other end of the bar had just enough Klingon heritage to stand out like a sore thumb, "Though I don't think they'd serve a proper blood wine here." She held the Saurian brandy in her hand and swirled it in the tumbler a bit, leaning on her elbow as she had slid closer to the man.

"They don't sell proper blood wine in this Quadrent," Thaddeus grunted. His eye slid over the woman sliding up next to him. There had to be a catch. The last woman who slid up next him was partly responsible for a civil war.

Ok so it was more their attention to other more phyical matters that was the cause.

"If you're offering, I'll have whatever that is." Thaddeus turned to face the woman, he nodded with respect. He was about to introduce himself and that could go either way. Which ever way the blade fell, he was going to have to do it. Would be dishonourable to refuse your name to someone offering a drink. Reputation be dammed to whatever hell was available on this rock. "Doctor Yu," he said. Most people wouldn't have heard of a Doctor Yu, it was Thaddeus that rung the bell.

"A pleasure to meet you, Doctor," She motioned the bartender to provide a copy of her drink to the man, "so, heard of any good new developments here? Or are you here for another reason?" It was a careful initial temperature gauge on whether or not this person was looking for a job.

Thaddeus scoffed, "I am where the fates have left me and decided that I should linger". Thaddeus raised the glass in toast the woman and downed it one gulp. "I have not seen that much to keep me here, but here I am, like it or not." Thaddeus swept an arm about to encompass the room.

Mayterial nodded a bit, "I know that feeling all too well," it hadn't been her first choice to come to Betazed. They needed to get out of Orion syndicate territory and the Navigator had plotted the most suitable course that would also still be able to be profitable, "So Doctor Yu, would I be correct in assessing that you'd like to find a way off this planet while plying your skills?"

"That would be desirable," Thaddeus replied taking a closer look at the woman in front of him. His interest peaked as he realised that she hadn't introduced herself. A second, or maybe third look, gave no information regarding who this person might be. Whoever she was, and it could truly be any profession from what she was wearing, she was after a doctor. He had no problem with that. In fact that was a good thing. The question was her intention of why she needed one.

"Well, we're making our way around the sector, UFP law states we need a licensed physician on board. It's a good-paying gig, though not as fancy as this," May motioned around the extravagant convention hall they were currently in, "but it gives you quite a bit of downtime in between patching up scrapes and bruises if you want to write medical papers or something." She didn't really know what doctors got up to in their downtime.

"That sounds agreeable", Thaddeus murmured. And it did. Travel, work, and plenty of time to pursue other interests. "The only thing is, I would need to know who I am working for."

"Captain Mayterial Droz, S.S. Fawkes," May put out her hand in greeting and in an effort to close this deal.

Thaddeus took the offered hand slowly, making up his mind in the movement. "Doctor Thaddeus Yu, at your service."

The name rang a bell somewhere, certainly something to look into as she returned to the ship, "I'll make sure you get the paperwork sent to you, Doctor Yu, and I look forward to welcoming you onboard."


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