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Academic Persuits

Posted on Monday August 12th, 2019 @ 11:57 hours by Mayterial Droz & T'Kisha

Mission: Hot Couture
Location: Rangalor V
Timeline: MD01 - Early morning

The late-night arrival at Rangalor had done nothing for May's productivity this morning, but as a Captain there was nothing she could do. She was expected to get dressed and get to work. With that in mind she now stood in the middle of an academic building, a place she'd never thought she'd find herself, there was rarely any money to be made in academic persuits. It was nice though, to stand in the entrance hall of an esteemed university, chandelier hanging from the ceiling. A bit of culture, tradition, in the wake of huge changes to her crew. Her greenhorn signaller had finally been overtaken by his overbearing parents and was now back on his way to Earth. As two people passed her it became fairly apparent that she was very out of place in this institute, her leather jacket and slightly ripped jeans not really blending in with the high-brow upper class that sauntered through these halls.

"Captain Droz?" The soprano voice that called out to the captain of the Fawkes had the usual diction and inflexions one associated with a Vulcan speaker. But there was something extra to the voice as well. Something almost musical, Or at least as musical as one could associate with a voice when its owner was Vulcan.

But one could almost mistake the owner of the voice as human, if one didn't investigate past a few seconds. For one thing, the length of her hair was such that it covered the point of her ears, and it was only an errant move of the head that momentarily revealed their tips. For another, the facial features that one could identify a Vulcan by, even without the ears being visible, were muted on the speaker's face. And lastly, for just a split second, there was just the hint of an enigmatic smile on the speaker's face. The brief smile was there just long enough for the eye to recognize it for what it was, but not long enough for the eye to be sure it had seen what it had seen,

"Captain Droz?" the speaker repeated, stepping up to the shorter woman. Unlike the Fawkes' Captain, the Vulcan woman was wearing a form fitting (though definitely not) blouse and slacks, made with material and craftsmanship necessary to show how many strips of latinum had gone in to making a supposedly casual outfit. Around her neck the Vulcan wore a pendant which showed, in the traditions of the university, that she was a visiting professor with all the rights and privileges thereof.

"I am T'Kisha," the Vulcan said with a nod. "I appreciate the meeting you're giving me."

"The request that you sent over was a curious one. Let's just say I'm a curious person." Mayterial didn't give much attention to the woman, she wasn't a fan of Vulcans, but the half-human ones she could stand a lot better. "Do you usually hang out in places like this?" It wasn't until this question that May's attention shifted from the interior of the hall to the woman that had approached her.

"I established contacts at the university in my previous...line of work, is what you would call it," T'Kisha responded. "This included securing visiting lecturer status. Since there are a number of perks related to that position, including more than adequate lodging, I find it useful to come here from time to time, even when not on business. But allow me to cut to the chase, as my grandfather would say. I understand you are looking to fill the position of signaller on your vessel. I believe you will find me amply qualified for that position." The last was said matter-of-factly, without a hint of either doubt or smugness.

Mayterial frowned a bit, the signaller position was usually for people who were trying to get into the business. Their first 'named' position. To have someone who visibly had a lot of experience under their belts was a surprise, a welcome one, but a surprise nonetheless, "So, it's probably readily apparent why I would want to hire you, but why do you want to be hired by me in particular?"

"I am associated with the Vulcan Archaeological Council," T'Kisha said, handing over a PADD to the captain of the Fawkes containing her qualification and experience. The information on the PADD was accurate, if not complete. "Not as active an association as I have had in the past, but I still maintain a mutual flow of information. The Council is interested in retrieving relics originating from Vulcan and other Federation worlds that have been misappropriated by others, and appreciates information that can assist them in this endeavor. Your ship is established in routes that might occasionally provide information that I have not had access to in the past. In exchange for information I can relay to the Council, I can make inquiries with them on your behalf. They are, of course, not my sole source of information that I can assist you with."

T'Kisha nodded at the PADD before continuing. "You will find that is not the only contribution I can make to your crew. I have ample experience on a small trading vessel, qualifying me to at least assist in other positions other than the one I am assigned to. And I do have experience with multiple cultures and their various nuances, including established contacts in various stages of society throughout this sector. I believe it would be a mutually beneficial relationship, Captain. You receive the benefits of my experience, and I potentially gain access to information that a benign, academic institution will find valuable."

T'Kisha omitted the possibility the Fawkes, its captain and its crew, might end up being instrumental in helping her recover a mythical sword that may or may not exist, but she felt no compulsion to share that possibility.

Mayterial thought it was good to notice that even when asked about her own motivations she found a way to put in her own qualifications and pitch for the job. Good skills to have for a Signaller on her boat. She scanned the contents of the PaDD quickly, "Of course you'll appreciate that I'll have to do a background check on you." She said waving the PaDD a bit, as if to say 'if any of this isn't true, now would be the best time to mention it'. She wasn't someone with the cleanest history herself and believed in second chances, but that also gave her a unique perspective when it came to grifters and hustlers. This was the perfect place to pull the wool over someone's eyes. "Do you have any responsibilities here that need to be taken care off before you are available?"

"You will discover the information I provided to be accurate, Captain," T'Kisha responded. The Vulcan suspected the other woman might discover some of the "extralegal" activities she had taken upon the behest of the Council to recover an artefact. T'Kisha suspected, however, that the other woman would not take exception to any of those activities. And as for the real reason behind T'Kisha's "sudden sabbatical" from her duties for the Council, only a handful of people knew about that. And they were all Vulcans.

"As to my duties here, the only class I am currently teaching is a course on geoarchaeology and related disciplines," T'Kisha continued. "I will have no difficulty in securing the services of a colleague to continue instructing the course in my place. I am ready to assume the responsibilities of signaller on your vessel."

With a nod Mayterial pushed the PaDD in her small messenger bag that had been slung over her shoulder and put up her hand in the traditional Vulcan salute, "I'll be in touch."

T'Kisha gave a small nod. "I shall await your response." With that, T'Kisha turned and walked back toward her office.


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