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Hello darkness my old friend

Posted on Monday September 9th, 2019 @ 17:07 hours by Mayterial Droz & Kenzia Nemet

Mission: Hot Couture
Location: Rangalor V
Timeline: MD02 - 1830 hours

Mayterial was pacing back and forth in the alleyway, the number of backroom deals she had to conduct for this entire situation was making her terribly uneasy and she just knew it wasn't going to be over after this one either. She waited for the arrival of an old contact, hoping she would still be in the same kind of business, or at least would still be willing to use some of her old skills to help her along.

She had been watching from a safe distance, her natural suspicion lead her to question whether this was just some trap. Well, of course it was. Sarrku only wanted Cardassian help if they were playing some elaborate game but then she had a passing acquaintance with this particular sark which meant she had listened. And that was the only reason she had even agreed to meet. Finally she emerged from the shadows, dressed all in black for effect and Nemet simply gave a slight bow, never taking her eyes off the woman, "You wanted to see me? I am here."

"I know you don't small talk, so I'll come straight to the point." Mayterial didn't bother shaking hands, stepping closer or doing the whole chit-chat that most humanoids seemed to enjoy before engaging in business, Cardassians weren't most people, "Landau, an Orion crime boss, took one of my crew. I need his located." She waved a datachit around with all the information from the moment that Landau contacted her through some trojan horse like programme, "Secondly, I need to get onto a list for a social gathering I'm not invited to, you still do that sort of thing?"

Nemet's eyes widened, shocked, "You want information about an Orion? Going after one of them is going to be tricky - not impossible of course - but I dislike putting myself at risk." Not exactly saying yes or no at this point she just said, "If I agree to this it will cost you."

Mayterial nodded, "I know" The truth was that there was very little latinum left to pay for all of these unforeseen expenses. "I just need to know if you can do it, if I can trust you to do this properly."

"Do you need to ask?" Nemet snorted, "The other is easier particularly if their security is as pathetic as it normally is...I will need specifics of course and no guarantees I can get you that precious invitation. But it is what I do best, this kind of thing." This would be enjoyable at least and she might be inclined to do it as a favor. Perhaps.

"At the end of the week, there's a Gala at the museum of history. Real high brow. People from across the sector." May looked around, "I need myself and a couple more crew to get in under false identities." She produced a scrap of paper and handed it to the Cardassian, she had found that these types of deals didn't really do well on digital media.

Nemet took the paper, scanned quickly and after all she simply needed to names to create the fake identities for..."Creating fakes is simple - oh I trust you have given me some guidelines, after all if I create a false id for a supposed Vulcan they had better not walk in looking like a Nausicaan..." The idea amused her more than she cared to say.

"It's all on there." Mayterial pointed at the scrap of paper, she decided that the best way to go about it was to take on a Vulcan persona, people rarely argued with Vulcans, more often than not it was exhausting and you came out looking like a child. The art of conning someone was making them feel nervous, out of place, small.

"And if this is high brow you will need to look the part - that is just helpful advice, no charge." Nemet gave the woman a measured look, "Unless your precious Federation is paying better these days you will look as out of place as a runt in a vole fight. So....I may be able to get my hands on appropriate attire (and that would be for a price). Cannot do much about the look of you and yours but then the right clothing fools the eye."

May smiled a bit, if there was one thing she was good at it was keeping up appearances, "Don't worry about that, I've rubbed elbows with enough hoighty toighties to be able to play the part. Perhaps some of my crew would want to make use of some of your services in that regard." She gave a small nod, "To be honest, I could use someone with your skills and experience."

Nemet was amused and slightly flattered by the compliment, "Flattery, my dear Captain, will get you everywhere. Or in this case I am willing to help you - so what will it be? You need me to help transform your crew - or perhaps you need someone to escort you to the ball? A bodyguard who is not above stabbing if needed." She laughed, this was promising to be more interesting than expected.

"Ha, yeah, the plan is coming together as we speak. We can speak about it more freely in a more private setting." May responded, "I'm trying to avoid having to stab anyone." She then gave a shrug as if to indicate that if it came down to it she'd be more than willing to have someone stabbed in order to complete their mission, "For now, I need documents to show we are who we say we are, and get us on the guest list. And any information you can find me on the bastard that took one of my crew."

"As far as payment..." Nemet answered, it was entertaining to see May sweat thinking about how the bill was adding up "You can keep your latinum and I will help for free. Well...not quite for free, I have to charge a fee as a professional for my services: but in this case I am prepared to barter. I will need to get off this stinking pile of vole crap, especially when I cross the Orions. Give me transport and a place to lie low and I will call it a deal." She shrugged, "You could throw in a bottle or two of kanar of course."

"I'll make sure you won't run low on Kanar for the trip." May didn't really deal much with Cardassians, they were a very isolated and private people, and most of the time their personalities didn't really lend them to be easy prey for her type of business. She had done some supply runs for the new government back in the day, but that was about it. Legit, over the table dealings. This was a whole different ball park and she was glad to be able to navigate it the way she had.

"Good. Then we have a deal." Nemet shrugged, "Truthfully, I was growing tired of this place, stay too long with filthy voles and wake up with their fleas."

"Once we get you out of the sector, we can look if there are mutual benefits for extending our deal beyond that." Mayterial assured the woman and gave another friendly smile. It was nice to know her contacts and reputation from back in the day still meant something to some people, "Looking forward to working with you again, Miss Nemet."

Nemet smiled to herself, she could have corrected and said 'actually it's agent'...or used her rank but for now it was better to be invisible. She bowed politely, "And I with you." Once she had a moment she would get to work digging into records and computerized systems...and creating information as needed. It would be enjoyable and she had not had such a challenge for a very long time. Yes, very enjoyable.


Mayterial Droz


Kenzia Nemet

"Into the darkness they go, the wise and the lovely."


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