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Bargaining with desperation

Posted on Thursday September 12th, 2019 @ 08:42 hours by Mayterial Droz & Lorpax

Mission: Hot Couture
Location: Some out of the way Cargo bay, Rangalor V Orbital station
Timeline: MD 02 - 1600

Mayterial was never really at ease in these types of clandestine meetings, not that you would notice. She would dial up her confidence and arrogance, making sure everyone in the room knew who was in control. The truth was, for the past two days she didn't really feel in control. Landau was janking her chain and the worst part was that he was starting to get to her. After having received the latest update about Kari's wellbeing she knew she had to move faster, and that by the time they were able to get her back they would need a proper physician back on board. That's what brought her to this forgotten cargo bay, "Why does it smell like latinum in here?" She said out loud, using the code sentence they had agreed on to check if her contact was in the bay.

Hearing the woman enter had made Lorpax hide away into an abandoned cargo container he had modified to be opened from the inside. It had been his place of hiding ever since his run in with some very disgruntled customers. He had hurried to move every last bar, strip, and slip of Latinum he owned to the very same container. The line spoken sent a relief through his lobes, and he released the hatch to sheepishly reveal himself. “Haven’t you heard? The stars are laced with Latinum,” he answered, using the return phrase. One he had picked himself loosely quoting a rule of acquisition.

As he spoke he looked around the bay, to ensure there was no uninvited guests. “You require a doctor?” He enquired, knowing full well the answer.

"I require a lot of things, first of which would be a name." The one thing Mayterial disliked more than making shady deals in out of the way cargo bays, is making those deals with Ferengi. Had she known that this particular doctor was one of the bald headed snakes she probably wouldn't have come.

A wide grin spread across the Ferengi’s face. “Even if I did give you a name there would be no knowing I gave you the right one. Let’s make a deal first and do names later.” However awkward he seemed, he was just trying to keep himself alive. For all he knew this was an elaborate plot to have him killed.

Mayterial folded her arms, "Very well, if that's how you want to play it." She looked around a bit and wondered if this was some elaborate set up from Landau to get her in this place alone, she was glad to have someone on standby to beam her out, or themselves in, at a moments notice, "I need someone that can alter my physical appearance so I can get in and out of a high profile location without being made." She quirked an eyebrow, "Are you skilled enough to do something like that?"

“If you have the latinum, I have the skills,” Lorpax squeaked enthusiastically. “Of course if you are trying to turn a Klingon into a Romulan, we might have issues.”

"Nothing so extensive." Mayterial shrugged, "How about Betazoid to Vulcan?" She had done the change many times, sometimes more extensively than other times, this time she needed to be able to dupe a cursory scan of her biosigns.

“Easily done,” said the Ferengi without hesitation. “Who do you need to fool?” He held out both hands in front of him as if blocking any answer. “You don’t need to tell me the specifics, I understand that you value your privacy. I just need to know how well I need to do my job, you understand. It will effect the price.”

"Need to be able to pass a cursory biometric security scan." Mayterial shrugged a bit as she tried to come up with some sort of reasonable simile to what they were going to do, "Like, I'm not going to have to pass a physical exam, but at the very least I'd like to make sure a Starfleet standard issue medical tri-corder would give the right readings." She shrugged a bit, "If it helps you could muddy up the heritage with some human, that's common enough to not raise suspicion."

“That’s going to cost you,” the man sneered greedily. “How many transformations need to be done? My guess is that you have a crew who need similar surgeries?”

"I'm not the only one, this is true." May responded and then gave a knowing smile, "But I also know that you need to get out of this station." an eyebrow rose to accompany the grin, "I know someone that owns a freighter that would be willing and able to carry you off discreetly and keep you hidden until the time of their departure."

Lorpax rubbed his lobes where they met his forehead, mulling over the offer. It was true he needed transport, and a place to hide. But to take such an offer without Latinum? “Transportation, and 2 bars of Latinum, can’t say fairer than that, can we?” He countered, painfully aware that it was unlikely to succeed with anyone other than a fellow Ferengi.

"I could leave you on this station." Mayterial shrugged, "2 bars would get me a full-time physician for the rest of the month. Which, if you're looking for a more permanent job we could discuss, of course."

“OK, OK,” the Ferrengi urged, with his hands once again in the air in front of him. “Just show me the way. I need a Medical Bay, to perform the transformations, of course, and some storage space, non-negotiable.” The storage space, naturally, was for the Latinum he had been hiding with inside the container.

With a nod Mayterial confirmed his request, "You'll get your storage space." It seemed like she underestimated how eager this man was to leave the station. She was glad to have found someone capable and willing to take on this task, but then there was this nagging pain in the back of her head. A Ferengi physician, she'd have to dig up the Ferengi proof contracts again. A small sigh of equal measures relief and frustration escaped her.


Mayterial Droz


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